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"Definitely visit, treat her like an angel! She was one of my all-time favorites just based on her services alone."

"She is an absolute sweetheart."

I've come along way, literally, in the last almost 2 years now since I first started doing Eros massage here in San Diego County. After doing injury rehab massage for 10 years out-of-state, I was not prepared when I first stepped into this world of massage. However now I am a firm believer in both aspects of massage, therapeutic for the body & sensual for the soul. It has been my honor and pleasure to have been able to share my techniques with you, as well as learn from you along the way.

Although my site may seem to cater more towards the erotic side of massage, please keep in mind that all of my sessions are based on & include therapeutic massage.  It is only because of my extensive training that I am able to offer such a wide range of session types. Please take the time to read through my session descriptions to find a session that best suits your needs, as well as my FAQ/scheduling page before contacting me.
You'll find I have a bit of a different approach to my sessions than most other providers in that I strive to personalize each session. I approach your session as more of an experience, a mini-escape. Life can become almost too much for all of us from time to time. Your time with me is "your" time to leave all of your worries/concerns  at the door, to relax for an hour or two & spend that time instead renewing and recharging both your body & soul.
I have been busy updating and upgrading both the site and my studio, so you will see, and continue to see, changes across the board. Thank you to all of my wonderful clients who have taught me so much in the last two years and for all the wonderful reviews you've given me on TER.